Shopping Strategies

Spot a sale on nutritious staples? Stock up and save!

Stock up on your favorite staples when they’re on sale. Good options are canned seafood and beans, canned and frozen fruits and veggies, frozen entrees, and whole-grain cereals (watch “use by” dates). Look for our green SimpleNutrition tags to find better nutrition choices.

More Tips:

Shopping for savings and good nutrition? SimpleNutrition shows you how.
Look for our green SimpleNutrition tags alongside our Everyday Low Prices and Club Card Specials. You’ll spot economical products throughout our stores that are Low Fat, Sodium Smart, Made with Whole Grains, a Good Source of Calcium and more.
Want to save some serious green on salads? It's a slam dunk with these ideas.
Pick bunches of deep green romaine lettuce and spinach for nutrient-rich salads. Wash your own instead of buying pricier pre-washed, bagged types. Check for seasonal sales on popular salad additions such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions.
Low on cash? Put your freezer to work!
The freezer can be a frugalista’s best friend. Stock up on good deals for your family’s favorite freezable foods like meats, poultry, breads, bagels and nuts (wrap securely before storing in the deep freeze). Skip takeout—freeze batches of soup and chili for cheap go-to meals.
Looking to trim your grocery bill? It really pays to split and save.
Bargains on big bags of potatoes or mega-packs of meat don’t save money if some goes to waste. Instead, split and save with a neighbor. You both benefit from savings on five-pound bags of carrots, big packages of poultry and two-for-one deals on whole-grain cereals and breads.